Yeh Hai Mohabbatein - 6th December 2016 Episode 998

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st November 2016

The scene begins with Niddhi requesting that Sarika help her. Sarika denies and requests that her oversee everything alone, as Niddhi is a major legal advisor and all rounder. Niddhi requests that Neelu help. Neelu declines and requests that her do her own particular work. Niddhi says this family can simply do this, keeping servant on head. Sarika thinks to discover where did everybody go. Ruhi grins as everybody making Ishita prepared for the godh bharai capacity. Ishita grins and says I missed all of you a great deal, much appreciated. Ruhi requests that her stand, turn and appear. Ishita has a fake child knock. She compliments her. They all laugh.

Sarika comes to Iyer house and sees a woman in ghunghat. Everybody look on. Sarika asks them what are they doing here. Amma says Ayyo, this is my home, what are you doing here. Sarika inquires as to what is Shagun doing here, that too in ghunghat. Mrs. Bhalla requests that who are you inquire. Amma says I will answer her. She says you know this child is Ishita's, Shagun is my little girl, infant will arrive at Nani's home right, quit addressing. Vandu says we know your spying propensity, there is nothing for you here. They leave with Ishita. Sarika goes. Shagun gets diminished and trusts everything happens well.

Ashok returns and asks Raman where is Shanaya. Raman requests that he get himself, its women capacity, you will get pounded, leave from here. Ashok asks Mr. Bhalla did he see Shanaya. Mr. Bhalla and Appa says yes, we have seen her, she is stunning. Ashok says I mean did you see her now. They say no.

The women bring Ishita there. Ashok searches for Shanaya and goes. Simmi supposes he can meddle, I have to trap him. She unnerves Ashok saying its abshagun to remain under Nazarbattu. Raman says you mean Ashok won't wed Shanaya, his business will be demolished. Simmi says I mean more awful than this. Raman thinks Simmi is super dramabaaz. Simmi asks Ashok not let them know whether anything happens. Ashok says all of you are so doltish, let me know what to do now. Simmi requests that he serve poor and do great. He cannot. Simmi says Neelu will help you. Ashok agrees.

Ruhi brings Raman inside house. Niddhi asks Raman, why do you need to sit with Shagun. He says its my child, I have some obligation. Niddhi says what jabber. He says I m kidding, I will simply come. She goes. Raman sits with Ishita. She holds his hand and he understands its Ishita. He sees everybody grinning. Yeh hai mohabbatein plays. He grins with tears in eyes. Amma signs him.